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Women Inspiring Successful Entrepreneurs

Your connection to an INSPIRED community of successful entrepreneurs who wisely come together in person and online to collaborate and mastermind while helping you grow your business WISELY!

WISE Women

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Our commitment is to provide Professional Mastermind Connections
along with Relevant Resources for Women Entrepreneurs.
WISE is here to Empower Passionate and Fearless Women  
to Grow Their Businesses WISELY!

Where else can you find Relevant Resources for Women Entrepreneurs, Live Mastermind & Business Workshops, and customized Private & Group Mastermind Programs?


LIVE/In Person


· Mastermind Workshops

· Collaborations Calls

· Accountability Circles

· Goal Planning Sessions

· Business Showcase

· WISE Award Ceremony



Access live and archived programs designed with successful entrepreneurs in mind. Mastermind Workshops. Q&A Sessions with top notch speakers, trainers & leaders in their area of expertize.



Like-minded professional women committed to growing their businesses wisely and inspiring other women to do the same. You never have to feel stuck and alone in your business again.



Join the conversation WISE Women | Members Only Facebook Group where WISE Women Ask WISE Questions. When we take the element of competition out, we can truly collaborate as the WISE Women we have been created to be. 

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WISE Women gather as natural collaborators who mastermind
together to help you Grow Your Business WISELY!
Monthly Access | Mastermind Workshops 
Business Savvy women, who  desire to grow personally and professionally, while creating successful life balance. WISE Women gather to empower one another, share strategies, celebrate and mastermind with like minded women in  business today.
Weekly Connections | Mastering Your Mindset Mondays 
Mindset Videos, Collaboration Calls, and Accountability Circles connect you to WISE Women who have faced similar hurdles. Facing these challenges together while setting weekly intentions with your accountability partners, keeps you on track for continued wise growth.
Quarterly Check Points | Goal Setting & Planning Sessions 
Successful Entrepreneurs utilize the following four steps to Grow Wisely: Set Intentions, Implement Actions Steps, Check In Often and Celebrate Victories. WISE Women collaboration trainers lead Goal Setting and Planning session workshops.
Daily Empowerment | Private Facebook Community Connections 
WISE Women ask wise questions. Join in the conversation with other Successful Entrepreneurs who are committed to growth.  Get your questions answered and find out Where In The World WISE Women are in your community. 

WISE Women | Ask Wise Questions

How much does it cost to be a WISE Women Member?
WISE Women Annual Tuition of $149, plus monthly access fee of $19.99.
Can I attend WISE Mastermind Workshops if I am not a WISE Women Member?
Yes. Guests are welcome to attend, but why would you want to miss out on being WISE? It is $35.00 to sit in on a WISE Women Mastermind Workshop. (Lunch is included). 
How does my business get seen as a member of WISE Women?
WISE Women are featured WISE ways. Online Business Listings at & client feedback website. Printed Directory Listing in Inspired WISELY Quarterly Magazine. Feature opportunities at WISE Women Business Showcase, Mastermind Workshops, and Inspired WISELY Awards Ceremony. 
What are my WISE Benefits at the Annual WISE Women Business Showcase?
WISE Members receive premium placement at the event with WISE Member distinction. 
How do I nominate an Inspired WISELY Woman of the Year for the November Event?
Begining in September, if you would like to nomintate an inspiring woman you know, head over to and click on the InspiredWISEly tab. *The nominated women does not have to be a member of WISE.
Do I have an established business to become a WISE Member?
No, you do not need to have an established business of your own to join WISE. In fact, we have numerous members who find it beneficial to join better themselves by leaning in to other professional women in business. And If you are looking to start your own business, this is the community of inspiring successful entrepreneurs who are here to support and encourage you through the process. 

WISE Words From WISE Co-Founder

Carin Weier, Executive Director of WISE: Women Inspiring Successful Entrepreneurs

empower. passionate. fearless.


"Rather than living in the box that has been placed before me,
I choose to create the environment to pursue what it is that
I am passionate about whether in life or in business.
While working with other inspiring successful entrepreneurs,
I have recognized the importance of stepping up fearlessly,
connecting the dots of the journey, and celebrating
the lessons we learn along the way'.
Twitter: AreYou_Wise
Periscope: CarinGathersWisely
Instagram: CarinGathersWisely
What Is Coming In 2019?


WISE Women Mastermind Workshops - First WISE Wednesday in Marysville, WA

Professional women in business share strategies, celebrate victories and empower one another. 


WISE Women Business Showcase -  Annual Event (Date TBA)

Showcasing WISE Women in Business with special guest speakers.


WISE Women Accountability Partnership Program 

Access Accountability Tips, Tools, and Tracking System through a WISE Partner.


Inspired WISEly Women's Award Ceremony - (November 2019)

Communities coming together to celebrating inspirational women.


Inspired WISELY Online Publication & Business Directory

Featured Articles... Ask the Professionals, Showcased Businesses, Business Directory.

WISE 365 | 30 Day, 90 Day, 365 Day Program

Get Inspired Wisely 365 Days a year with the WISE 365 & WISE IQ Programs. 



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